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Meet W.A.R. Goodwin

Meet the Reverend W.A.R. Goodwin and hear stories

about life in Williamsburg

during the Colonial Restoration.

Portrayal by Historian Ed Way.


The Virginia Gazette Index

Collection of Articles 

and Searchable Index 

of The Virginia Gazette Newspaper 1893 - 1925.


Cataloged by Julia Oxrieder.   

sam robinson and tree.jpg

Recording of Sam Robinson

This is the original

1957 audio recording

of Sam Robinson,

Sexton of Jamestown Church.

Introduction by Rodney Taylor.


This Is Wonderful!

I've always been curious about

pre-Restoration Williamsburg.

I've read the Library Of Congress Collection of the Virginia Gazette

from 1897 to 1913 and was always frustrated that

there was not more of it.

You've done a great service!

Greatly Appreciated!

What a Great Resouce

for Researchers

of Williamsburg History! 

Bravo for your preserverance

in bringing this to life.

Good Work!

Thank you for preserving these treasures and making them available online. 


Only a Virginia Historian would know the True Value

of this Collection!

This Resource is a sincere desire to assist Researchers! 

What a commendable effort in putting this together

for posterity!

Future Generations

will thank you!

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