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1893 - 1925

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Williamsburg Resident, Author and Historian Julia Oxrieder spent much of her retirement scanning Reels of Microfilm and indexing  The Virginia Gazette  Newspaper.  This Catalog begins in 1893 when publication of the Newspaper resumed and ends in 1925, when Publication ceased temporarily.


This Collection is a valuable resource for documenting life in Williamsburg, Virginia before the Colonial Restoration. 


 * 1281 pages of typed articles in chronological order

 * a "card catalog" with five linear feet of handwritten index cards,  alphabetized and organized by subject

This unique archive was gifted to me in 2014 by her family.

As far as I know, this is the only Index of the Virginia Gazette Newspaper that covers the years prior to the Colonial Restoration.

... without ambition either of self-profit or fame, 

but only to keep the memory of so worthy a friend ...

Vintage Stamp

Julia Oxrieder describes this Collection

in an Excerpt from a Letter in May 1999:

Dear [Friend],


     For the past several years I've been copying Virginia Gazette articles that interested me. 

I now have over 800 neatly typed pages that are much easier to read than the microfilm, 

and I've also indexed them.   . . .  I have not looked at every single issue during this period, but I have looked enough for you to get the flavor of the era, the concerns of the community, the activities of the various women's groups, what Editor W. C. Johnston was for and against.   . . .


     The Gazette sold for a dollar a year, and there were special rates for mid-westeners who were considering a move to our area.  The Front Page might carry National, International, or Local News, or be mostly covered with liquor ads!  Patent Medicine Ads frequently appeared in the social column!  In the early years, items from present day Norge had a "Norway" dateline.   . . .   One contributor during this time was Lydia Wright, a Catholic (there weren't many in town then) and a suffragist who loved nothing better than to heckle Mr. Johnston.  

     Mr. Johnston revived the Gazette in 1893. (The paper appeared only about a third of the time in the nineteenth century.)    . . .    I am fascinated by the paper of this time and the news from James City, Charles City, New Kent, York counties as well as Williamsburg. 




PS. The only birth [announcement] I found in all of these issues 

names the Father and Grandfather, but not the Mother.

Here is a Sampling of Subjects that may be found in this Collection:

Please note that this is NOT a Complete List.
  • 1910 Census

  • Arbor Day Event

  • Agriculture

  • APVA News

  • Anniversaries

  • Asylum News

  • Bank News

  • Binns Family

  • Bitten By A Cow, Bitten By A Pig

  • Booker T. Washington visits Williamsburg

  • Building Construction/ Additions

  • Casey Family/ Casey Store

  • Chautauqua/ Performance Schedule

  • Cheyne Photography Studio

  • Church News

  • Church Bells/ Church Organs

  • Circus Coming To Town

  • Colonial Capitol

  • Confederate Memorial/ Veterans

  • Crime Announcements

  • Dance Announcements

  • Death Notices

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Election News

  • Family Histories

  • Female Seminary/ Female Academy

  • Fly Swatting Campaign

  • George Washington's Birthday 

  • Goodwin, W.A.R.

  • Grace Church, Yorktown Restoration

  • Hickory Neck Academy

  • Honor Roll

  • Horse For Sale

  • Hotels/ Williamsburg Hotel

  • House For Rent/ House For Sale

  • Ice Houses

  • Jamestown Visits

  • John Smith Statue

  • Knitting Mill/ Housing for Knitting Mill

  • Land Sales

  • Library

  • Lutherans

  • Mattey School

  • May Day/ May Pole/ May Queen

  • Movie Listings

  • Moving Pictures, first appearance

  • Norge/ Norway

  • Party Announcements

  • Performances

  • Phi Beta Kappa

  • Phone Numbers

  • Post Master/ Post Office

  • Property Information

  • Railway News

  • Recitals

  • Saloons in Williamsburg

  • Samuel Harris

  • School Board/ School Events

  • School at Five Forks

  • Sermon Titles

  • Street Names changed

  • Soldier's Letter from France

  • Suffragist Organization/ Suffrage League

  • Vacation Plans

  • Virginia Gazette Ownership

  • Volunteer Fire Department

  • War Time Recipes, Victory Bread

  • Weather

  • Wedding Announcements

  • Women at the College

  • Women's Rights

  • Yorktown Historical Society

How to Search the Virginia Gazette 1893-1925 Index

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for Step-By-Step instructions and Searching Tips. 

Search Ability may not be possible on handheld devices.

Here is the retyped collection of articles.

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Please note that this is a read-only file.

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